Too Much Boogie at Big Ten Inch!


On Sunday January 22, a BIG TEN INCH took place at the Hi-Fi Bar in the East Village of Manhattan. Along with host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus, eight other folks showed up to spin 78s: Adam Lore, Alex DeLazslo, Tony Salvaje, Andy Upsetter, John Clemente, Michael McMahonJuke Joint Jonny and Rich Sibello. Each came packing hot 78s that were each played at the proper speed.


Adam Lore


Alex DeLazslo


Tony Salvaje


Andy the Upsetter


Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus


John Clemente


Michael McMahon


Juke Joint Jonny


Rich Sibello


Highlights included a 12-inch V-Disc recording of Machito and his Orchestra and a 1968 recording by Ramito—an ode to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had just been assassinated. The latter is proof that 78s were part of the Latin music market well into the sixties and it is probably one of the most recent 78s that will get played at the BIG TEN INCH. Both of these were played by Andy Upsetter.

78_cotique 78_machito

Another high point of the event was when spontaneous swing dancing took place. This often happens when a hot swing or jump blues record is spinning.

A pair of Goofballs swing at Big Ten Inch!

A pair of Goofballs swing at Big Ten Inch!

Let’s not forget Adam Lore’s full set of nothing but John Lee Hooker records! “Too Much Boogie!” I don’t think so.

78_hooker-boogie_2 78_hooker-boogie 78_hooker-dimples 78_hooker-huckle 78_hooker-madman 78_hooker-wife

John Clemente always prints out a list of the records he brings, and often plays them in the order in which they appear.

John Clemente's list.

John Clemente’s list.

In all, it was another fabulous evening of platters, pizza and pilsner at the Hi-Fi Bar. Here’s a list of all the 78s played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus:


None of these records are for sale

Wham-O Is What’s Happening!?!?


In January, the weather in New York City can get pretty cold. On the evening of the first WHAM-O WATUSI for 2017 (January 7, to be exact), it was twenty-four degrees Fahrenheit. That is chilly. What the WHAM needed was a hot guest DJ, and, boy, did we get one: Matt Clarke.


Matt Clarke swings at WHAM-O WATUSI!

Mr. Clarke must be one of the busiest men on the scene today. Most folks know him because he is in two of Brooklyn’s best rock’n’roll combos: he plays guitar for The Above and bass for Quitty & the Don’ts. He also hosts a program called What’s Happening! on the WFMU Rock ‘n’ Soul Ichiban Stream that airs every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm. The show is heavy on the Sixties Beat Scene: British Invasion, garage rock, freak beat, Euro Beat, sunshine pop—you get the picture. (The shows are archived, so feel free to listen to them any time you need an hour of boss beat power.)


Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Matt Clarke say, “Dots nice!”

Mr. Clarke is also a snappy dresser. For this special occasion, host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus snapped up his attire as well.

With the temperature outside the Bootleg Bar way below freezing, inside the venue the DJs heated the place up with their super groovy sounds. Both played songs from the Sixties—fuzz-toned garage rock, yeah! Also, some wicked R&B and soul records were thrown into the mix for keen effect. Folks were jumpin’ around and ballin’ it up. It was a hot time at the Boot, that’s for sure!

Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus (many have links to youtubes clips so you can instantly dig them!):

None of these records are for sale.


New Year’s Eve with Robert!


(Photo by Melissa Walker)

For the last several years it seems somehow, some way, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus has been requested to spin records at a New Year’s Eve party. There were some great Subway Soul Club NYE events—like the two sold-out shows at the Bell House and the one at Coco 66; the several Dynagroove events at Teddy’s; and last year’s Casino Battle Royale at an undisclosed location near the Gowanus Canal. This year it was the elegantly appointed Robert Bar that swung with The Boog. Yana Li’l Jerk was the nominal hostess with Bad Penny and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus appearing as her guest DJs.


Bad Penny, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Yana Lil’ Jerk swing New Year’s Eve at the elegantly appointed Robert Bar.

Yana is a cool chick who spins regularly at the Robert Bar. On most Thursdays one can find her at the turntables spinning New Wave Brit Pop records from the Nineties at her Madchester night. Yana is also known for her love of reggae records, but she did not bring any!


Yana Lil’ Jerk swings at the Robert Bar!

That’s ok, because Bad Penny brought some. She also brought some cool soul records and all three DJs kept the joint hoppin’ and heads were a-boppin’!


Bad Penny swings at the Robert Bar.

The Robert Bar is a beautiful, intimate club and it was packed on New Year’s Eve. Its owner, Phil Morgan, stood up on the solid wooden bar with a watch and did the countdown to 2017. Everyone screamed, drank free champagne, hugged each other and wished each other a Happy New Year. One of the best things about this New Year party was that there was no TV screen, and therefore, no corporate countdown/ball drop from Times Square—square indeed! The Robert Bar is a solid scene where the kids are clean!


Mr. Morgan shouted the countdown to the New Year from atop the bar!



The Robert Bar was full of very groovy people!


Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swings at the Robert Bar. (Photo by Sam Mends-Cole)

Although it was billed as a Sixties New Year’s Eve Party, it really wasn’t, what with Yana’s Brit Pop obsession and Bad Penny playing reggae records. Even Phast Phreddie veered from the map, as can be seen in the complete list of all the 45s he played that night:

None of these records are for sale.