GO Mechanism Swings Again!

Thank you so much for your attention to The GO Mechanism. G-O is Groove O’Rooney! That’s what it’s all about: Groove with O’Rooney sauce spread all over it!! The Luxuria Musics were very pleased with the first installment and instantly called for a second one, so here it is!

During the second hour of each GO Mechanism there will be a Science Corner, where the host, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus will air three songs in a row and discuss them. This second GO Mechanism will feature the instrumental work of The Dave Clark Five.

The Dave Clark Five by Norman Parkinson, 1964

Here are a few notes on some of the songs presented during this installment:

“Calypso Blues” is a cover of a song originally recorded by Nat King Cole. That version is beautifully sung by Mr. Cole with only conga drum accompaniment, played by Jack Costanzo. It is a wonderful record that may pop up in a future GO Mechanism. Willie Rosario’s version has a distinct Latin soul groove and he treats it with a little mirth.

“Dyna-Soar” features Roland Kirk as a member of the Quincy Jones Orchestra. The track was not released until it was included in a Roland Kirk box set in 1990.

Because Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus has so many talented friends, he feels he should include some of their work when appropriate. In this second installment of The GO Mechanism, his pals include (in order of appearance) DJ Bonebrake, The Fleshtones with Lenny Kaye, Dave Alvin (as a member of The Third Mind) and (kind of) Fred Schnieder of The B-52’s. We say “kind of” because the exclusive Boogaloo Edit of “Planet Claire” has Mr. Schnieder’s vocal part edited out. Not because we dislike Mr. Shnieder or his vocals—far from it!—but rather, The GO Mechanism artistic director so fell in love with the groove and wordless vocal of the beginning and ending of the song that it was edited together. We hope Mr. Schnieder does not take this personally.

Leticia Estrada is a singer from Colombia who presents, for your entertainment, a Spanish language version of “The Blob,” the song that plays during the opening credits of the movie of the same name.

The whole album by the previously mentioned The Third Mind is deserving of purchase by all GO Mechanism listeners. As noted, it features roots rocker Dave Alvin in a totally psychedelic setting and it works perfectly. Also, you need to listen to the complete version of “East-West” which was edited for inclusion in The GO Mechanism. Here’s hoping that the group will be touring soon so we can see how this is performed live.

Caravan is one of the greatest melodies of all time and it is very possible that The GO Mechanism will feature at least one version in each installment. Presented here is a version by Dizzy Gillespie. He must have also been a fan of the song as he recorded it several times throughout his career. This version comes to us from the early fifties when he recorded it for his own Dee Gee label.

Chris McDermott is a talented songwriter that Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus worked with when he was a song-plugger for a major music publishing company during the nineties. Included here is one of our favorite songs by Mr. McDermott.

Here is a complete set list of all the songs played on The GO Mechanism in their order of appearance:

Earl Bostic—Lester Leaps In (King) GO MECH THEME SONG
Sonny Rollins—Paradox (from LP Work Time; Prestige)
Andre Brasseur—The Duck (Palette)
Willie Rosario—Calypso Blues (Musicor)
Wild Man Fischer—Go to Rhino Records (Rhino) [edit]
Quincy Jones —Dyna-Soar (Mercury)
DJ Bonebrake Trio—4/4 Situation (from LP The Other Outside; Wondercap)
Camarón de la Isla—Las Doce Acaban de Dar (Toná y Martinete) (from LP Antologia; Universal, Spain)
The Denvermen—Stomp Fever (RCA, Australia)
Roland Alphonso—James Bond (Island, UK)
Arthur Lee—You Can Save Up To 50% But You’re Still A Long Ways From Home (A&M)
Ted Heath—Honky Tonk Woman (London)
Ninapinta and his Bongos and Congas—Help (from LP The Downtown Scene—Hit for the Hip; Decca)
Rufus Thomas—Stop Kicking My Dog Around (from LP Can’t Get Away From This Dog; Stax)
Big Mama Thornton—Just Like a Dog (Barking Up the Wrong Tree) (Peacock)
The Fleshtones with Lenny Kaye—Comin’ Home Baby (from LP The Brooklyn Sound Solution; Yep-Roc)
Vic Schoen—1, 2, 3 (Mainstream)
The B-52’s—Planet Claire (Boogaloo Omnibus edit) (Warner Bros.)
James Brown—Fight against drug abuse public service announcement (King)
Howlin’ Wolf—Don’t Laugh at Me (Chess)
The Third Mind—East West (excerpt) (Yep-Roc)
Mose Allison—Fool Killer (Atlantic)
Frank Zappa—Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (from LP The Lost Episodes; Rykodisc)
Miles Davis and his Orchestra—Move (Capitol)
The Dave Clark Five—Move On (from the LP American Tour; Epic)
bed music: Members of the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Pierre Boulez—Edgar Varése: Ionisation (Columbia Masterworks)
The Dave Clark Five—Rumble (from the LP Return; Epic)
The Dave Clark Five—All Night Long (Epic)
Les McCann—Compared to What (from the LP Les McCann Plays the Hits; Limelight)
Aretha Franklin—Tighten Up Your Tie, Button Up Your Jacket (Make It for the Door) (Columbia)
Bill Doggett—The Worm (Columbia)
Leticia Estrada—La Burbuja (Musart; Mexico)
Paul Butterfield—You Are What You Eat (from the movie of the same name; Columbia)
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes—Hot Chills, Cold Thrills and Fever (Uni)
Count Basie & His Orchestra—Hang on Sloopy (from the LP Basie’s in the Bag; Brunswick)
Dizzy Gillespie—Caravan (Dee Gee/Savoy)
Tito Puente—Voodoo Dance at Midnight (RCA Victor)
Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros—Cumbia Del Monte (Fuentes; Colombia)
Lyn Tait—Out on a Funky Trip (Randys)
Olatunji—Gin-Go-La Ba (from the LP Drums of Passion; Columbia)
Chris McDermott & the Wild Combo—Let Them Think What They Want ()
The Soul Society—Sidewinder (Dot)
Curtis Mayfield—Freddie’s Dead (Curtom)
Son House—Grinnin’ in Your Face (Columbia)
Bonzo Dog Band—Slush (United Artists)

Amir Baraka — Rhythm Blues
Anne Sexton—The Truth the Dead Know
Charles Simic—We Were So Poor
Gregory Corso—I Am 25

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¡Mambo Jambo Stylee Birthday Action!

Wow, it’s been about a year and a half since Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus has spun a record in public! That means that there have been very few Boogaloo Bag entries. All of this is due to the world-wide pandemic that was prolonged by an inept president who failed to take it seriously and who was completely incapable of leading America out of the pandemic. He was rewarded with catching the plague himself, plus losing his re-election bid last November. With a shiny new president, America is slowly emerging from the pandemic, making it possible for boss DJ gigs to resume. Hallelujah!

DJ Rata swings with Electronic Head-Gear at Mambo Jambo!

Our pal DJ Rata has already secured a regular DJ gig on the first Friday of the month at a cozy neighborhood bar called Izzy Rose in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. His birthday is June 29, but it was celebrated on July 2 there at the Izz in fine style, with guest DJs Mr. Fine Wine, Tony El Salvage and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus for a very special Mambo Jambo event.

Rata is one of our favorite DJs. He swings with mean R&B and the heavy, heavy mambo beat. On this night he spiced up his regular fare with some hot cumbias. The birthday boy had the joint jumpin’, that’s for sure.

Rata and Mr. Fine Wine swing at the birthday Mambo Jambo!

Mr. Fine Wine is quite possibly the best soul music DJ on the planet. He’s got the best records and he knows how to play them. Don’t believe me? Just check out his radio show on WFMU every Friday night. He’s been doing it for more than 25 years and still going strong. For about that long he has also had a residency Wednesday nights at the Botanica Club on Houston Street, but of course, the pandemic put an end to that. Rumor has it that Mr. Fine Wine may be back at the Botanica soon. When he returns, you gotta go and dig his scene because it is clean!

Tony El Salvaje and birthday boy Rata swing at Mambo Jambo!

Tony El Salvaje is another fine DJ we dig. Like Rata, he likes to swing with a mambo record or two—but he also pops with rockabilly and R&B records. His action is happening in a major way and always gets the locals hoppin’ with his uptempo fare.

DJ Rata and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the Mambo Jambo!

Gee, it’s been over a year since many of us had DJ’d in public and, as one may expect, a few mis-cues were witnessed. However, there was no mis-cue with the fabulous chocolate cupcakes made by Nancy “Jeannie” Gardner. Those were Good with a capitol “G!” She also brought some vegan brownies and chocolate fudge—all of which was devoured by Rata’s faithful followers!

Nancy’s cupcakes were definitely swingin’!!
Our pals Karen McBurnie (Grade ‘A’ Fancy) and Jon Hammer (Susquehanna Industrial Tool and Die) swing under the Bat Signal at the Mambo Jambo!

In order to help set the scene, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus brought the Bat Signal and played these groovy records:

None of these records are for sale.