Abe’s Boogaloo!

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Nogood Nick swing at Abe’s Pagoda Bar.

Nogood Nick is one of our best pals, DJ-wise. He used to host a swingin’ soirée called Rip! Rig! Panic! It has taken place at several nightclubs, but most recently at Otto’s Shrunken Head. it featured his exquisite mix of Mod jazz, sweet soul and provocative pop music. These days he is often called to action at a new joint in Bushwick called Abe’s Pagoda Bar. The name of the joint is a clever play on the name of the character actor Abe Vigoda–which has nothing to do with the lovely exotic, “tiki-inspired” decor of the club. Rip! Rig! Panic! would be right at home at Abe’s Pagoda Bar, however for some reason, Nogood Nick doesn’t call his nights there by that name. We don’t think his nights at Abe’s are regular, nor do they even have a name–he just shows up and plays his exquisite mix of Mod jazz, sweet soul and provocative pop music. Sometimes with a guest DJ. It may as well be Rip! Rig! Panic!

Nogood Nick selects another fine jam to play at Abe’s Pagoda Bar.

On Sunday July 7, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was asked to be Nogood Nick’s guest DJ. Having been a frequent guest and/or attendee of Rip! Rig! Panic!, he knew the drill–plus he added some mambo vibes, international beats and groovy instrumentals in order to spice up the scene.

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus checks out the track that Nogood Nick is going to play next at Abe’s Pagoda Bar.

Miss Nancy was on hand and she had some yummy strawberries dipped in white chocolate to feed the faithful. Abe’s Pagoda also serves food and the Boogaloo Bag crew partook in orders of vegan hot dogs–or some such thing. Plus, the bartenders were happy to make a non-alcoholic, frothy & fruity drink for The Boog.

Miss Nancy strikes a pose in front of Abe’s Pagoda Bar!

We hope that Mr. Nick’s night becomes a regular thing and that he invites the Phast One to join him often. This was a swingin’ scene that needs to survive.

Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus when he DJed with Noogood Nick at Abes Pagoda:

None of these records are for sale. Some of them may have links to the youtubes for the reader’s edification.

Abes July


Happy Home Sweet Boogaloo!

Around noon on Friday June 21, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus received a desparate message from our pal Drew Redmond: “Would you be interested in covering my shift at Home Sweet Home tonight?” Mr. Redmond was double-booked and need someone to swing at his regular Friday night gig, working the early shift before the main man, Jonathan Toubin arrives on the scene.

“¡No problemo!”

They don’t call him Phast Phreddie for nothing–he can prepare for a DJ gig in minutes!! Although it ain’t so easy as just picking up this box of records or that box of records and heading out. The Boog doesn’t work that way. He has records all over his record room and must choose the right records for each gig–a time consuming activity.

Luckily, The Phast Man was able to get out of his day gig a little early, get home, gather a bunch of old 45s–mostly cool instrumentals, organ grooves, sweet soul, funk and some other weirdness (I mean, this is Drew Redmond’s gig–the king of the weird record!)–and make the scene at Home Sweet Home in the Lower East Side. The Boog kept things fairly mid-tempo and not too rockin–well, it’s Happy Hour, after all; plus, you don’t really want to work the crowd up so much that when Mr. Toubin arrives they are all pooped out. That’s his job! You just want the folks in the bar to feel groovy, bop their heads and, if they’re standing up with a beverage chatting with friends, groove around a bit. There: some Happy Hour DJ etiquette for you.

Jonathan Toubin swings at Home Sweet Home!

Right around 11:00PM, Jonathan Toubin blew in and took over the turntables–and rocked the place good, as he always does.

Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus for a swingin’ Happy Hour at Home Sweet Home:

None of these records are for sale. Some of them may have links to the youtubes for the readers edification.

Boogaloo at Showtime!

Washington, D.C.’s Showtime Lounge is considered one of the best bars in America by Esquire Magazine. It is a small dive with a great jukebox and an excellent DJ booth. Our new friend Baby Alcatraz is hostess to several parties held there, often on the first Saturday of the month. As noted in the last Bag entry, she is co-host with Rob Macy of the excellent Save Your Soul dance party. She also plays hostess to other local events such as Shout Bamalama, Saturday Night Record Party and Smashing Time. She clearly knows the scene and is able to work it well.

On May 4, she asked Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus to come swing with her at the Showtime. Since it was the night after Save Your Soul in nearby Baltimore which the Phast Man was scheduled to DJ at, it was easy to just stay in the area and swing the D.C. event as well.

The Boogaloo Bag writers understand that these Showtime gigs are often very well attended. However, the heavy, heavy rains that night may have kept some of the local punters away, as the Showtime was not packed–however, there were plenty of folks in attendance–more than enough to make it fun–but definitely.

The evening started oddly enough, with Baby Alcatraz arriving late. So The Boog set up the DJ booth and got swingin’ on time, or soon after. Ms. Alcatraz showed up with her box of records, saw that The Boog had the place jumpin’, so she had a drink at the bar. Then she excused herself–said a good friend was having a birthday party nearby in the neighborhood and would The Boog mind if she attended it for a while.

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus sets up for the night at the Showtime Lounge.

So Phast Phreddie played records all night. Good thing he brought plenty, since even after she returned to the Showtime, Baby Alcatraz,who has great records and knows how to play them, didn’t seem interested in playing any of them! Fine with The Boog, as he felt comfortable in the groovy bar playing his records to the locals–who all seemed to enjoy them, as they bopped and twisted to the swingin’ sounds. So it was fine, except that when The Boog finished playing the records he didn’t play the night before at Save Your Soul, he decided to play those records in the same order as he did then! He was able to play all of them except for maybe eight before the club closed down.

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swings at the Showtime Lounge.

Funny thing is this: when Baby Alcatraz returned to the Showtime from her friend’s birthday party, it was just about the time The Boog started playing records from Save Your Soul. We certainly hope that she doesn’t think The Boog plays the same records in the same order at every event he DJs at–as the Boogaloo Bag postings can easily verify. This was a special case. However, if The Boog was a genius, he would have mixed all the records up. Oh, well, next time… and we certainly hope there will be a next time, as this trip down south was a blast.

Baby Alcatraz and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the Showtime Lounge.

Miss Nancy, of course, made enough maple fudge and vegan brownies for this event, also, and they were duly distributed. Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus on a rainy Saturday night at the Showtime:

None of these records are for sale. Some of them may have links to the youtubes for the readers’s edification. For the last 25 records, see the previous Bag post.

Baltimore Boogaloo!

The Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore is mostly a restaurant and meeting place that caters to the local Lithuanian community. But on the first Friday of the month it becomes the scene of a swingin’ party called Save Your Soul hosted by our new friends Rob Macy and Baby Alcatraz.

Rob Macy and Baby Alcatraz swing at Save Your Soul!

For the last several years, our DJ colleague Drew Redmond has been telling us about this fabulous dance party, as he has been guest DJ there several times. He says the place is packed, the dance floor is always full and they all dance around to every record he plays. Which is wild, because Mr. Redmond is known to play some pretty crazy records!

Baby Alcatraz spins another great jam at Save Your Soul!

Rob Macy cues another hot record at Save Your Soul!

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus wanted to taste that action, so he lit a candle to Our Lady of Perpetual Motion and, what do you know, Rob Macy contacted him and invited him to swing for the May edition of the party, which took place on May 3rd.

And swing he did.

Drew Redmond did not exaggerate. Spinning records for all the fine folks at the Lithuanian Hall was indeed a most fabulous DJ experience. Once the room filled with people, the dance floor was jammin’, non-stop. Mr. Macy and Baby Alcatraz were very accommodating hosts. They had some fine visuals of soul singers projected on the back wall and they each played some fantabulous records. Man, this scene was very much a gas! How could any DJ not enjoy it? The only problem was that it ended too early; Baltimore bars close at 2 O’clock, unlike New York City where swingin’ is allowed until 4.

Rob Macy, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Baby Alcatraz swing at Save Your Soul!

Phast Phreddie made the trip with Miss Nancy Gardner (a native of Baltimore), who dished out her legendary maple fudge and vegan brownies to anyone who would bite. It made a sweet evening even sweeter. For this event, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus pulled some of his most favorite records to play for the wonderful people of Baltimore. Here’s a list of all of them:

None of these records are for sale. Some of them have links to the youtubes for your edification.