Hop ‘n’ Hang ‘n’ Boogaloo!

Reverend Martini, Rockin' Vic, Astro 138, Howie Pyro and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the Hop 'n' Hang!

Reverend Martini, Rockin’ Vic, Astro 138, Howie Pyro and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the Hop ‘n’ Hang!

Last week, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was in the process of a deal to procure a much-desired 45 RPM record from DJ Astro 138. When Astro 138 discovered that The Boog was going to be in LA, he asked The Boog to come DJ with him on December 26 at Viva Cantina in Burbank. The Boog is always happy to spin a record or two, so he accepted the invitation.

The night was called Hop ‘n’ Hang, hosted by the lovely Reverend Martini, and it was held in the back room of a wonderful Mexican restaurant. DJs Rockin’ Vic and our pal Howie Pyro joined Astro 138 and The Boog in the playing of fabulously greasy R&B, salacious rockabilly and assorted walloping madness.

The secret weapon of the evening was The Arial Chemists, a duo of teenage boys who opened its set with “Sweet Jane” followed by “Voodoo Chile.” Just a guitarist and a drummer, but they made an enthusiastic and righteous noise that was greatly appreciated by those in attendance.

The Arial Chemists rock the Hop 'n' Hang!

The Arial Chemists rock the Hop ‘n’ Hang!

Here’s a list of the records played by The Boog:

  • René and his Alligators–The Alligator Dance (Fontana; Netherlands)
  • The Troubadour Kings featuring Freddie Thomas–Twist Around the State (Troubadour)
  • Los Johnny Jets–Susi Quiu  (CBS; Mexico)
  • Dock’etts–Sing My Song – Part 1 – Diddlely Diddlely Bop (Botanical)
  • King Coleman–The Boo Boo Song (Part 1) (King)
  • Johnny Otis; The Johnny Otis Show–Willie Did the Cha Cha (Capitol)
  • Bo Diddley–Do the Frog (Checker)
  • Cecil Garrett & the Fascinations–Bearcat (Part I) (Calla)
  • Alvin Cash & the Crawlers featuring the Registers Band–The Barracuda (Mar-V-Lus)
  • Sugarpie DeSanto–The Whoo Pee (Brunswick)
  • Jimmy Castor and His Quartet–In a Boogaloo Bag – Part 1 (Decca)
  • Ricky and Bob–Shu Fly Shu! (Fonseca)
  • Dorothy Berry–Standin’ on the Corner (Planetary)
  • D’Swooner’s–Mickey’s Monkey (Philips; Japan)
  • Weston Prim–Get That Feelin’ (Brent)
  • Jesse Johnson–Funky Soul Stroll (Oak)
  • Sam and the Soul Walkers–Soul Walk (Trans-American)
  • Bernie Hayes–Cool Strut Part I (Volt)

None of these records are for sale.

Boogaloo’s Holiday Goof!!!


On Thursday December 19, the Artists and Fleas section of the Chelsea Market had a little Holiday Shopping Party, hosted by that groovy Frenchman Ol’ Stark, who has a booth there where he sells clothes and records. He is also in charge of the audio atmosphere of the room. On this particular early evening, Ol’ Stark rounded up a bunch of his DJ friends to do 30-minute sets for the happy shoppers—of which there were many. Among the DJs who participated were Girlsoul, Lupe Loop, DJ Shakey and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus. Our pal and fellow DJ Barney Iller also dropped by to dig the scene.

As The Boog was preparing to play his first 45 of the night, Ol’ Stark turned to him and said, “Don’t play any Christmas records! Everybody here is sick of them!!!”

AHHHHHH!!!!! That was ALL that The Boog brought!! He doesn’t play Christmas records very often—especially during winter—so he thought he’d play a little set of them, one time only. Well, since he brought them, he played them. Nobody complained. We have a feeling that the Christmas records that folks are sick of are not these Christmas records.  Here’s a list of them:

  • James Brown–Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto (King)
  • J. Hines and the Boys–A Funky Xmas to You (Nation-Wide)
  • The Marquees–Santa Done Got Hip (Warner Bros.)
  • Amos Milburn–Christmas (Comes but Once a Year) (King)
  • Ike and Tina Turner–Merry Christmas Baby (Warner Bros.)
  • Bey Ireland–All I Want for Christmas Is a Go-Go Girl (Newport)
  • Twistin’ Kings–Xmas Twist (Motown)
  • Fat Daddy–Holiday Baby (Jonny-A)
  • Hank Ballard & the Midnighters–Santa Claus Is Coming (King)
  • Nathaniel Mayer–Mr. Santa Claus (Bring Me My Baby) (Fortune)
  • Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva–I Wish You a Merry Christmas (Dimension)
  • Horace Williams; Choker Campbell and His Magic City Orchestra–Santa Goofed (And He Fell Off the Roof) (Magic City Record Corp.)
  • Hernando Hopkins and Orchestra–Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Cha Cha (ABC-Paramount)

None of these records are for sale.

Popwell at the DYNAGROOVE!


Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Friar Popwell swing at the DYNAGROOVE!

The DYNAGROOVE wrapped up it’s third year of existence in fine fashion, with guest DJ Friar Popwell. Mr. Popwell is the driving force of the ultra-hip Take My Tuesday events at the fabled Friars’ Club in Midtown Manhattan. Each night features a musical act as well as groovy DJs at one of New York City’s most fabled nightclubs. It’s not open to the public, so you better learn the secret handshake if you want to be invited!

Meanwhile, back at The DYNAGROOVE, Friar Popwell delighted the faithful at Teddy’s Bar & Grill with an excellent selection of fabulous records, while host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus sat and ate the catfish dinner (yummy!).

When he wasn’t filling his gut, The Boog played the following 45 RPM records:

  • Lester Young–Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (Aladdin)
  • Perez Prado, The King of the Mambo and His Orchestra–The Suby (RCA Victor)
  • Eddie Chamblee – Tenor Sax–Skang (Prestige)
  • Jackie Hairston–Monkey on My Back (Atco)
  • The Brothers of Hope–I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (Gamble)
  • Barbara Lewis–Hello Stranger (Atlantic)
  • Lloyd Glenn–Chica-Boo (Imperial Golden Series)
  • Earl Bostic–Theme From the Unforgiven (King)
  • Bobby Bland–Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City (Dunhill)
  • Willie West–Hello Mama (Deesu)
  • Warren Williams–Just Like a Child (Leedon; Australia)
  • Art Blakey–Walking My Cat Named Dog [from EP Hold On I’m Coming] (Limelight)
  • Cozy Cole and His Orchestra–Cozy’s Groove Part I (Charlie Parker)
  • Papa Don Association–Souled Out (Amy)
  • Frank Alamo–Hum, Hum, Hum [Um, Um, Um, Um, Um] (Barclay; France)
  • Dion Di Muci–I’m Your Hoochie Cooche Man (Columbia)
  • Justine Washington–I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby (Sue)
  • The Charmer with Johnny McCleverty Calypso Boys–Back to Back, Belly to Belly (Monogram)
  • The Latin All Stars–Oye Como Va (Roper)
  • The Three Sounds featuring Sonny Cox–You’re No Good (Argo)
  • The New Breed–P.M. or Later (Jamie)
  • Tim Rose–I’m Gonna Be Strong (Columbia)
  • Vic Schoen–You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Mainstream)
  • Manfred Mann–One Way (Fontana; UK)
  • Rene Touzet and his Orchestra–Crazy Rhythm (Mambo) (M-G-M)
  • Instrumental [Johnny Goode]–Payback  (Solid Hit)
  • The Impressions–Rhythm (Daptone)
  • Hopeton Lewis–The Wind Cries Mary (Dragon; UK)
  • Ike Quebec–Mardi-Gras (Blue Note)
  • Kai Winding–Something You Got (Verve)
  • Tammi Terrell–Come on and See Me (Motown)
  • Tommy McCook & the Supersonics–Jerk Time (Jontom; UK)
  • Brother Jack McDuff–Hunk O’ Funk (Blue Note)
  • Miles Davis–New Rhumba (Columbia)
  • Grady Lloyd–Lay Down Your Arms (Smash)
  • The Mothers of Invention–How Could I Be Such a Fool (Verve)
  • The Tarantulas–Tarantula (Atlantic)
  • Quartet Tres Bien–By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Royal-Tone)
  • The Bo-Keys–Wind-Up Monkey (Electraphonic)
  • Benny Poole–I Can Dig It (Cascade Sound)
  • Johnny & Jackey–Someday We’ll Be Together (Tri-Phi)
  • Lord Flea and His Calypsonians–It All Began With Adam and Eve (Capitol)
  • Jackie Mittoo–El Bang Bang (Supreme; Jamaica)
  • Les Elgart and His Orchestra–Voo Doo Drums (Columbia)
  • The Three Sounds–It Was a Very Good Year (Blue Note)
  • Lennie Hibbert–Montego Rock (Studio 1; Jamaica)
  • Bobby Hutton–That’s How Heartaches Are Made (Blue Rock)
  • Smokey Robinson and the Miracles–Swept for You Baby (Tamla)
  • Les McCann, piano; orchestra arranged and conducted by Jimmy Haskell–The Shampoo (Pacific Jazz)
  • Tommy McCook and the Supersoincis–The Liquidator (Yew)
  • Earnest Jackson–Hogwash (Stone)
  • Pretty Purdie–Soul Bossa Nova (Date)
  • [no artist listed]–La Panthere Cosmique (MP2000; France)
  • Monk Higgins–Watermelon Man (Solid State)
  • Nelson Aviles y Su Orquesta; vocal: Piro Mojica–Congo – Oriza (La Bota)
  • Celia Cruz/Tito Puente–Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In (Tico)
  • Brother Jack McDuff–Hot Barbecue (Prestige)
  • Jerry Jackson–Shrimp Boats (Columbia)
  • Carmen McRae–Got to Get You Into My Life (Atlantic)
  • The Mugs–Tortilla (Jonny-A)
  • Leo Acosta–Marimba Boogaloo (Capitol; Mexico)
  • Bey Ireland–All I Want for Christmas Is a Go-Go Girl (Newport)
  • Yuzo Kayama–A Star in the Night (Toshiba; Japan)
  • The Lovers–Licor de Contrabando (Bootleg) (Picaro; El Salvador)
  • The Allisons–Money (Tip)
  • Ramsey Lewis–One, Two, Three (Cadet)
  • Nancy Wilson–Uptight (Everything’s Alright) (Capitol)
  • Meadowlark Lemon–Shoot-A-Basket (RSVP)
  • Jessie Powell–Hot Stuff (Tru-Sound)
  • The Newbeats–Hide the Moon (Hickory)
  • Jamie Coe & the Gigolo’s–The Dealer (Reprise)
  • The Joe Lee Combo–Sweet and Lovely (Alley)
  • Smokey Brooks–Beat the Heat (Veep)
  • L.B. Wilson–Poco Loco (Don’t – Pt. II) (Vivid)
  • Johnny Watson–She’ll Blow Your Mind (OKeh)
  • The Fans–Roly Poly Mickey Lolich (Instrumental) (Marquee)
  • The Mar-Keys–Grab This Thing Part 2 (Stax)
  • Jimmie McDaniels–Cat Walk (Dot)
  • Herbert Hunter–Hide ’Nor Hair (Hit)
  • Charles Chalmers–Judy in Disguise (Chess)
  • Dave Clark Five–A Little Bit Now (Epic)
  • The Brothers–The Girl’s Alright (White Whale)
  • Jacques Denjean–The Tough Touch (Verve)
  • Redd Holt Unlimited–Nothing From Nothing (Paula)
  • Charlie Wright–Number One (Capitol)
  • Scone Cash Players–The Slitter (Flamingo Time)

None of these records are for sale.  Since The DYNAGROOVE is now being streamed over the interweb as part of Teddy’s Radio Hour, some of it is being archived and you may dig it HERE!!!!!  You may use the above playlist as a roadmap when you tune in.

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