Dave the Spazz + Boogaloo Omnibus = WANG DANG DOODLE!

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Dave the Spazz swing at the WANG DANG DOODLE! (click on the photo and it big-o-fies!)

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Dave the Spazz swing at the WANG DANG DOODLE! (click on the photo and it big-o-fies!)

The WANG DANG DOODLE is one of the longest running (although irregularly so) DJ nights in town hosted by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus. It was instituted in 2002 (or was it 2003, who remembers?) at Rififi with the great WFMU DJs Rex Doane and Dave the Spazz. The Wang thrived for a while at the Trophy Bar, attempted a comeback at both The Royale (now defunct) and at Teddy’s Bar & Grill (where it developed into the DYNAGROOVE). The WANG now resides as a semi regular event at The Commodore with key co-DJ Dave the Spazz still working the room.

For more than ten years, The WANG has featured the most rockin’, salacious music imaginable: raw rockin’ blues, rip-roaring rockabilly, greasy R&B and doo wop, boss soul, gritty garage rock, sublime surf, great girl groups, sockin’ it ska and deep-fried funk. The kids these days often call this stuff “titty shakers,” but at The WANG we just call it Reet Music!

And “Reet” it was on Friday March 28, when The Spazz and The Boog took to the turntables at The Comm and delivered five full hours of fabulously frantic phonographic fun for the full dance floor of frugin’ folks! Dave the Spazz brought his A-list monkey and Popeye records. The Boog brought Little Richard cover songs and Howlin’ Wolf records. All night long, sweaty young people were commenting on the groovy grooves being laid down by the DJs. Dear readers, it must be said that when The Spazz and The Boog are in the same room working the turntables, YOU WANT TO BE THERE!!! Don’t you dare miss the next WANG DANG DOODLE when this will happen, scheduled for July 25 at The Commodore. Mark it in your calendar and make an extra special effort to make that scene!!

Here are the records played by The Boog (some of them have links so you can listen and recreate The WANG in your mind):

  • Lee Allen and His Band–Walkin’ With Mr. Lee (Ember)
  • The Barbarians–Susie-Q (Laurie)
  • Al and Nettie with Al Smith Orch.–Frog Hop (Christy)
  • The Rockin’ Ramrods–Don’t Fool With Fu Manchu (Claridge)
  • Little Caesar and the Romans–Popeye One More Time (Del-Fi)
  • Tommy Dawson–Charlena (Chancellor)
  • Tommy Tucker–Long Tall Shorty (Checker)
  • Santo & Johnny–Twistin’ Bells (Canadian American)
  • Paul London & the Kapers–Never Like This (The Big Bad Twist) (Check-Mate)
  • Bill Carlisle–Monkey Business (Columbia)
  • Bill Haley Y Sus Cometas–Mish-Mash Monkey (Orfeon; Mexico)
  • Dave Allen and the Exotics–The Monkey (Derby; Italy)
  • Scotty McKay and his Orchestra–Here Comes Batman (Savannah Sounds)
  • Los Belmonts–Amarrado [Glad All Over] (Orfeon; Mexico)
  • Randy & the Rainbows–Denise (Rust)
  • The Easybeats–Gonna Have a Good Time (United Artists)
  • Jay Bee Bryant–Bony Maronie (Josie)
  • The Shakers–Money (Polydor; Germany)
  • Barrett Strong–Money and Me (Tamla)
  • Jackie deShannon–Over You (Liberty)
  • Johnny Angel & the Halos–The Mashed Potato Stomp (Felsted)
  • The Demonstrators–Ultra-Violet (Warner Bros.)
  • Bobby Darin–What’d I Say (Part 1) (Atco)
  • Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers–Let’s Slop (Polydor Germany)
  • The Shirelles–Slop Time (Decca)
  • The Croc-O-Dolls without Harry–Jungle Hootenanny (RCA Victor)
  • Howlin’ Wolf–Hidden Charms (Chess)
  • Simms Twins–Good Good Lovin’ (SAR)
  • Norman T. Washington–Tip Toe (SLD; France)
  • Horace Bailey–Cool Monkey (Delene)
  • Nite Owls–Hip Monkey (Take 3)
  • Gene Burks–Monkey Man (Arock)
  • The Autographs–Do the Duck (Joker)
  • The Shocking Blue–Venus (Colossus)
  • The Wild Voices of The Marty Cooper Clan–Tequila (RCA Victor)
  • Little Willie John–I’m Shakin’ (King)
  • Erma Franklin–I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy (Epic)
  • Gerry and the Georgettes–Quicksand (Hit)
  • Wilson Pickett–Danger Zone (Atlantic)
  • Laddins–Dizzy Jone’s Birdland (Butane)
  • Art Mooney and His Orchestra; vocal by Ocie Smith–Tutti-Frutti (M-G-M)
  • Los Teen Tops–Lucila [from EP Teen Tops Rock] (Fontana; Spain)
  • Billy Farrell–Slippin’ and Slidin’ (Imperial)
  • Tom Jones–Breathless (Decca; France)
  • The Rockin’ Ramrods–I Wanna Be Your Man (Plymouth)
  • The Rationals–Out in the Streets (Capitol)
  • The Thunderbirds and Band–In My Thunderbird (Holiday)
  • The Everly Brothers–Somebody Help Me (Warner Bros.)
  • Sandy Nelson–(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [from EP Satisfaction] (Imperial; Japan)
  • Bruce Johnston–Do the Surfer Stomp Part One (Donna)
  • The X-Cellents–Hey Little Willie (Smash)
  • Little Richard–Do You Feel It (The Second Line) (Part 1) (Modern)
  • The Rare Sound–Very Interesting (In-Sound)
  • Jan & Dean–Batman (Liberty)
  • Larry Hale–Polly Wolly (Diamond)
  • Diamond Uprisers–New Kind of Jerk (Diamond Jerk) (Riley’s)
  • Pat & the Californians–Be Billy (Downey)
  • Joel Hill–I Thought It Over (Trans American)
  • Bo Diddley–Hush Your Mouth (Checker)
  • The Detours–Who Do You Love (Atco)
  • Tan Beetles–Hobo Walk (Baltimore Sound)
  • Lesley Gore–Maybe I Know (Mercury)
  • The Premiers–So Fine (Warner Bros.)
  • Don Covay & the Goodtimers–Don’t Let Go (Atlantic)
  • Dizzy Jones–I Don’t Care (Blue Rock)
  • Howlin’ Wolf–Love Me Darling (Chess)
  • Joy Hamilton with the Gene Mason Sextet–You Got My Nose Open Baby (Bridges)
  • The Axcents–Hold It Mary (Square)
  • The Inn Crowd–The Shadow Do (20th Century-Fox)
  • The Hollywood Vines–Cruisin’ (Capitol)
  • Billy Joe Burnette with the Star Vels and the Singers–Huma La La La La (DeVille)
  • The Monsters Four–Farmer John (Vee Jay)
  • Los Johnny Jets–Bule Bule (Discos Columbia)
  • Jerry McCain and his Harmonica–Turn the Lights on Popeye (OKeh)

None of these records are for sale!

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