Boogaloo Psyche & Garage Fest!

Rachael and Gabriel Guma make with the psychedelic lights at the Brooklyn Psych & Garage Fest.

Rachael and Gabriel Guma make with the psychedelic lights at the Brooklyn Psych & Garage Fest.

The Brooklyn Psych and Garage Fest was a totally heavy happening that happened on Friday, May 2 at the Gutter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn featuring some of our favorite local rock bands: Heavybirds, Organs and Twin Guns.

The evening commenced with the Heavybirds, who unleashed a loud, unholy drone of guitar buzz that set the scene. The trio consists of two guitarists and a cat who banged on a bass drum: truly boss!



With their tight songs and solid rock beat, the Organs were the most conventional group of the evening. The writers of The Boogaloo Bag have seen this act before and they dig it the most!



Twin Guns, who set up the night and closed the show, were once a guitar-drum duo, but recently added a bass player to the ranks, giving the group a more full sound. At a Twin Guns show you will be overpowered by tough, surf-influenced, spaghetti western soundtrack guitar playing. Twin Guns emits vibes ala the legendary Suicide group and is also reminiscent of The Cramps at their most psycho (and less “billy”) moments. With all members dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, Twin Guns make a memorable sight—especially when you add in the full presentation of lights and smoke machines! Plus, any rock band that opens its set with a mutant version of “Harlem Nocturne” and closes it with a fine interpretation of “1970 (I Feel All Right)” is OK by The Boogaloo Bag!

Twin Guns

Twin Guns

Speaking of lights—one of the top features of the Brooklyn Psych and Garage Fest was the most excellent and artistic back-wall lighting of Rachael and Gabriel Guma, who incorporated dyed oils on an overhead projector and a slide show ala the old Fillmore Auditorium light shows. It was a gas!

Before, between and after the bands played, DJ Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus spun these garage/psyche records:

  • The Rolling Stones–Stoned (Decca; UK)
  • Spirit–Mechanical World (CBS; UK)
  • Future–The Shape of Things to Come (Uni)
  • The Escapades–Mad Mad Mad (Verve)
  • Tidal Waves–Action! (Speaks Louder Than Words) (HBR)
  • Jalopy Five–Revolution (Hit)
  • Steppenwolf–The Ostrich (Dunhill)
  • Mouse and the Traps–Beg Borrow and Steal (Fraternity)
  • The Rumblers–I Don’t Need You No More (Dot)
  • The Del-Vetts–Last Time Around (Dunwich)
  • Los Shain’s–Niebla Púrpura [Purple Haze] (Odeon; Peru)
  • The Beavers–Why Baby Why (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • Ohio Express–Try It (Cameo)
  • The Mothers of Invention–Why Don’t You Do Me Right (Verve)
  • The Magic Mushroom–I’m Gone (Warner Bros.)
  • Johnny Thunder–I’m Alive (Calla)
  • The Golliwogs–Walking on the Water (Scorpio)
  • The Grassroots–Feelings (Dunhill)
  • The Yardbirds–Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Epic)
  • Los Mustangs–Dejen De Pensar En Mi [Gonna Have a Good Time] (DCA; El Salvador)
  • The Motivations–The Slow Fizz (DynoVoice)
  • Thee Midniters–Love Special Delivery (Whittier)
  • The Shag–Stop and Listen (Capitol)
  • The Standells–Rari (Tower)
  • Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band–Electricity (Buddah; UK)
  • The Thirteenth Floor Elevators–Fire Engine (international Artists)
  • The Velvet Underground–White Light/White Heat (Verve)
  • The Electric Prunes–Get Me to the World on Time (Reprise)
  • Shocking Blue–Send Me a Postcard (Pink Elephant; France)
  • Howard Carpendale–Du hast mich (Columbia; Germany)
  • The Fleshtones–Les Temps Dira (Yep Roc)
  • The Quiet Jungle–Everything (Yorkville; Canada)
  • Kit and the Outlaws–Don’t Tread on Me (Philips)
  • The Thirteenth Floor Elevators–You’re Gonna Miss Me (International Artists)
  • The Chocolate Watchband–Sweet Young Thing (Uptown)
  • The Other Half–Mr. Pharmacist (GNP Crescendo)
  • The Telstars–Keep on Running (Columbia)
  • The Seeds–Pushin’ Too Hard (GNP Crescendo; UK)
  • The Us Four–The Alligator (Rising Sons)
  • The Squires–Going All the Way (Atco)
  • The Stillroven–Hey Joe (Falcon)
  • The Who–I Can See for Miles (Decca)
  • MC 5–Looking at You (Atlantic)
  • The Equals–My Life Ain’t Easy (President)
  • The Dave Clark Five–Catch Us If You Can (Epic)
  • Iron Buttefly–Iront Butterfly Theme (Atco)

Non of these records are for sale.

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