Summer Wang Dang Doodle!

Dave the Spazz and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the Wang Dang Doodle!

Dave the Spazz and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the Wang Dang Doodle!

Our pal Dave the Spazz is a connoisseur of really fine, really trashy and really rockin’ records. His radio show, Music to Spazz By, airs each Thursday night and it is one of the best in the country. Emanating from radio station WFMU out of Jersey City, New Jersey, it is listened to by scores of people throughout the greater New York City area, and over the interwebs his show is monitored by discriminating human beings nationally and internationally. He was the guest DJ at The WANG DANG DOODLE—as he usually is—held on July 25 at the friendly confines of The Commodore in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

All night long, Dave the Spazz and host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus took turns playing fantastically boss records—the kind that make the place jump and shout. That is exactly what went on that night, as folks were getting tore up and tore the place up! Yes, bottles were broken! Drinks were spilled! 45s hit the floor! Girls tried to pick up on the DJs! Nobody requested Lady Ga-Ga or “Free Bird!” Dozens of piña coladas were poured! Dancers did the Watusi! The Commodore’s renown fried chicken was devoured in amazing quantities!

In short, the evening was a gas! Toward the end of the night, The Spazz and The Boog traded punches, playing every other record. The Spazz worked a monkey record—his specialty—and The Boog responded with The Persians record. The Spazz played Roy Head’s fabulous hit record “Treat Her Right” and The Boog countered with the Sandy Nelson version! …And so it went all night, rockin’ and frantic, up until the last record of the evening, when the bouncer came over to tell the DJs to stop the music at four o’clock in the morning.

Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus:

  • Jack Nitzsche–Rumble (Reprise)
  • Los Hitter’s–El Hanky Panky (Orfeon; Mexico)
  • Dino, Desi and Billy–It’s Superman (Reprise)
  • Rusty Draper–Hip Monkey (Mercury)
  • Louis Prima–Civilization (HBR)
  • The Johnson Brothers–Zombie Lou (Valor)
  • Dave and the Triumphs; Jerry Anderson, vocal–Soul-Shout (Boswick)
  • Clarence Francis–Subway Rock – Version 2 (Free as a Breeze)
  • Marathons–Peanut Butter (Argo)
  • The Runabouts–Pink Socks (Columbia)
  • Donovan–The Trip (Epic)
  • The Equals–Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (Shout)
  • Les Hou-Lops–Je Suis Heureux (Canusa; Canada)
  • Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra–Gesundheit (A-Choo! Cha-Cha) (RCA Victor)
  • Tribe–Funky Kingston (Grenade)
  • The Mohawks–Ride Your Pony (Pama; UK)
  • Mango Jones & His Orchestra with the Harry Ballu Singers–Ska La Bomba (Vee-Jay)
  • Palito Ortega–Poco Puede Darte (A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You) (RCA Victor)
  • The Kane Triplets—Theme from ‘Mission: Impossible’ (United Artists)
  • Four Seasons–Things Go Better With Coke [from EP Let’s Swing the Jingle for Coca-Cola] (McCann-Erickson/Coca-Cola)
  • Los Surfs–Tu Seras Mi Baby (Be My Baby) (Gamma; Mexico)
  • Wayne Newton–Comin’ on Too Strong (Capitol)
  • Tony Roman–Niki Hoeky (Canusa; Canada)
  • Chubby Checker–Birdland (Parkway)
  • Scott Fallows and the Ebbtones–Surfing Boop-Boo-A-Do (Dot)
  • Sandy Nelson–Work Song (Liberty; Japan)
  • The Everly Brothers–Somebody Help Me (Warner Bros.)
  • R. Sayre – The Vacant Lot–Don’t You Just Know It (Ltd.)
  • Los Johnny Jets–Bajate de Mi Nube (Get Off of My Cloud) [from EP Los Johnny Jets A Go-Go] (CBS; Mexico)
  • The Monkees–Valleri (Colgems)
  • Demetriss Tapp–Ring Dang Doo (Brunswick)
  • Tiny Morrie with Al Hurricane’s Band–Come on Let’s Dance (Hurricane)
  • (Little 12-Year-Old) Patrice Holloway–Do the Del Viking (Part 1) (Taste)
  • Freddie ‘Slim’ Summerville–Wiggle Tail (GMC)
  • Ronnie Hawkins–There’s a Screw Loose (Roulette)
  • Jimmy Liggins and his Drops of Joy Orchestra–Knocked Out (Duplex)
  • Bo Diddley–Pretty Thing (Checker)
  • Downliners Sect–Be a Sect Maniac! (Columbia; UK)
  • Freddy Cannon–High Heel Sneakers (Warner Bros.; France)
  • George Young–Chicken Scratch (Columbia)
  • The Angels–My Boyfriend’s Back (Smash)
  • Bobby Comstock–Right Hand Man (Ascot)
  • The Echoes–Scratch My Back (Swan)
  • Googie Rene–Big Foot (Class)
  • Jimmy Norman; vocal background: The O’Jays–What’s the Word? Do the Bird (Little Star)
  • Els 4 Gats–Tu Parles Molt (You Talk Too Much) (Ediphone; Spain)
  • The Lively Set–The Pomona Drags (Decca)
  • Michael Holm–Mendocino (Ariola; Germany)
  • Dean and Jean–I Love the Summertime (Rust)
  • City Surfers–Beach Ball (Capitol)
  • The Jamies–Summertime Summertime (Epic)
  • Glenn Reeves–Tarzan (Decca)
  • Les and Larry Elgart and the Unforgivens–The Early Bird Catches the Bomb (Columbia)
  • The Pleasures–If I Had a Little Money (Catch)
  • Jessie Hill–Whip It on Me (Minit)
  • Dale Hawkins–I Want to Love You (Checker)
  • The Visions–Bulldog Cadillac (Warner Bros.)
  • The Uptowns–The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Shangri-La)
  • Arthur Alexander–Cry Like a Baby (Sound Stage 7)
  • The Zombies–Don’t Cry for Me (Date)
  • Nancy Sinatra–Last of the Secret Agents (Reprise)
  • The Great Scots–Give Me Lovin’ (Epic)
  • The Girls–Chico’s Girl (Capitol)
  • The Chellows–Dawn (Go Away) (Hit)
  • Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnys–Summer Boogaloo (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • Van Doren–Surfin’ Liza (Hickory)
  • The Knightsbridge Brass–Let’s Cha Cha (Shad)
  • The Persians–(Let’s Monkey) At the Party (Music World)
  • Sandy Nelson–Treat Her Right (Imperial)
  • The Kiwis–Oopy-Doopy-Sam (Brunswick)
  • The Moniques–Teach Me How to Dance (Benn-X)
  • Mike Sanchez; Conjunto de Ricky Rays; Ernesto Marroquin: sax–Papa Molida (Mashed Potato Time) (Falcon)
  • Jimmie Haskell and Orchestra–Rockin’ in the Orbit (Space Satellite) (Imperial)

None of these records are for sale.

One thought on “Summer Wang Dang Doodle!

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you know anything about the Dave & the Triumphs record? I picked it up randomly one day and have been trying to find more info on the band, a local act from somewhere I’m assuming? But no luck on the internet. Just trying my luck here. Killer set list!

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