Happy Birthday, Mr. Paris

The Tri-State Conspiracy in action!

The Tri-State Conspiracy in action!


Jeffrey Paris is one hip, stylish and intelligent cat! He is well dressed when he goes out, goes to every Subway Soul Club event, and once fronted a rockin’ teen combo called The Tri-State Conspiracy.

This band may become one of the great forgotten bands of all time. The group’s righteous blend of soul music, ska and big band swing—all brought to you with a punk rock enthusiasm—was unique and exciting. Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was honored to have DJed at several shows that featured The Tri-State Conspiracy before it broke up in 2013. So it may not have been a big surprise when Mr. Paris asked The Boog to provide sonic atmosphere for his 40th birthday party, held at the St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on February 28.

The St. Mazie Bar is a cozy little joint, tucked into the corner of Grand Street near Marcy. It is long, and, unfortunately, the DJ set-up was across the room from where Jeff and his buddies were swinging, so proper photos of the birthday boy were not taken. Thus, an old photo of The Tri-State Conspiracy—taken off a website somewhere—is our graphic of choice for this blog entry.

Speaking of the Subway Soul Club, on the DJ side of the bar, by pure coincidence, Lady Dawn was having a few sips with her escort and some friends from England. Watch this space, because a Subway Soul Club event is in the planning stages!

In keeping with the spirit of The Tri-State Conspiracy, The Boog played a bunch of soul records, spicing it up with some ska and rocksteady beats. By the party people’s reactions, it was a most successful event and Mr. Paris was well pleased with what he and his friends heard. Here’s a list of everything that was played:

None of these records are for sale.

The Boog swings at St. Mazie.

The Boog swings at St. Mazie.

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