The Beauty of Provocative Pop!

Gaylord Fields swings at Provocative Pop!

Gaylord Fields swings at Provocative Pop!

On Thursday September 29, our friend DJ Xerox was scheduled to host one of his fabulous DJ nights, Turtleneck (“a retro futuristic playground”), at the Beauty Bar in Manhattan with his co-host Ursula 1000. However, due to events that took both DJs out of town on that day, the night had to be filled with some other activity. Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus got the call to bring in one of his many fine WANG DANG DOODLE franchises to take the night. Thus, PROVOCATIVE POP took place with special guest DJ Gaylord Fields.

Mr. Fields is the king of the fine pop song. His show on radio station WFMU (Sunday nights at 8:PM) is very eclectic but mostly incorporates a pure pop ethic. It is for that reason that he is always chosen to be guest DJ when a PROVOCATIVE POP event is called for, as it was for this Beauty Bar fill-in.

Mr. Fields clearly took it seriously. He played some of the finest sixties pop records imaginable. Plus, he had fun with it. For instance, he lead off each of his three sets with a “Beatle” instrumental. That is to say, an instrumental recording that had the word “Beatle” in its title. Dig:

Quite by coincidence, Phast Phreddie also started each of his sets with instrumentals! Great minds think alike, eh? The night went pretty well, with several of the Beauty Bar’s hep clientele commenting on the fabulousness of the music–sixties pop, rock, soul and girl group sounds. Gaylord Fields left the scene around 2:00AM, leaving The Boog to carry on for the rest of the night—which, being a Thursday, might have been a short one. By 2:30 the club was a little bare, but by 3:00, somehow the place filled up again with folks bopping to the sounds and PROVOCATIVE POP swung right until the bar closed at 4:00AM! At the end of the night, even the bartender and the security guard made comments regarding how much they enjoyed the music. Perhaps the Beauty Bar will have the PROVOCATIVE POP team return at some future date. One can only hope.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus at PROVOCATIVE POP (note, many of the songs have links to the youtubes so the reader can dig at home):

None of these records are for sale.




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