One Mint Wham-O!

On Saturday November 17, the fortieth WHAM-O WATUSI took place at the Bootleg Bar in downtown Bushwick, Brooklyn. It was held on the third Saturday of the month instead of the usual first Saturday in order for its host, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus to take part in the Keystone State Soul Weekender, which happened on the first weekend of November. Lots of friends showed up to swing. Miss Nancy made some outstanding chocolate chocolate-


One Mint Julep and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the WHAM-O WATUSI!

chip cookies and vegan vanilla-flavored miniature cakes for the occasion. (Folks, if you are vegan, please note that you will not be left out of the yummy treats action at the WHAM-O WATUSI!) Special guest DJ for the WHAM was One Mint Julep.


Nancy “Jeannie” Gardner’s yummy sweets on display at the WHAM-O WATUSI!


One Mint Julep cues another fabulous record at the WHAM-O WATUSI!

One Mint Julep is known nationally and internationally as  Becky, host of a program on WFMU. Airing on Wednesday nights from 8 to 9, her show is called Honky Tonk Radio Girl and it veers toward a hillbilly tip; however, she can play just about any kind of reet sound at her whim. Up until about three months ago she was a co-host, along with Fancy Cat and Mr. Fine Wine, of a fabulous soul music dance party called Soul Night, held at a venue in Crown Heights. Miss Julep is also one of America’s top proponents of a dance music style called Belgian Popcorn. This is all well known to her many admirers–including the Boogaloo Bag writers. So it was expected that Miss Julep would play some boss R&B records and boppin’ rockabilly when she came to the WHAM-O WATUSI. However, nobody expected her to throw down with some top reggae tracks, records sung in French and Spanish, Latin soul jams and cumbia records. Suffice it to say that wigs were flipped! One Mint Julep is our kind of DJ and we hope to have her back at the WHAM as soon as possible.

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A whole bunch of our friends and fellow DJs came out to witness the amazing DJ stylings of One Mint Julep. They all dug the scene and swallowed up a bunch of the delicious chocolate cookies. Our pal Lauren Khron made a short video of the scene and it can be viewed here.

Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus at the fortieth WHAM-O WATUSI (including a set of “pig” records!):

None of these records are for sale. Some of them have clips to the youtubes for your edification.


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