The GO Mechanism Begins Here!!

The Groove Oroony Mechanism is GO!

Presenting here for the first time in the universe; the first time in eternity; the first time in psycho-cosmic exceptionalistism: The Groove Oroony Mechanism. Known commonly as “The GO Mechanism,” it is a new concept in radio programming, developed in the laboratory of Wang Dang Doodle Enterprises, a subsidiary of Boogaloo Omnibus Productions, in co-ordination with the fine people at Luxuria Music, and employing the strict high standards of that popular entity. 

The GO Mechanism endeavors to present audio excellence in a unique and fascinating manner; it is electric, eclectic, eccentric, exotic, exhausting and etcetera. 

The first GO Mechanism—broadcast on June 5 at—is a cornucopia of reet music, mostly instrumental, often swingin’, always audible.

The GO Mechanism is entertaining and educational.

There is much Groove; there is even more Orooney!

Here are some notes on the program and a list of all the tracks in order of appearance…

Earl Bostic

• For the first GO Mechanism, the music of Earl Bostic is featured in the second hour. Mr. Bostic’s rendition of “Lester Leaps In” is the theme song for The GO Mechanism, thus it is only appropriate that more of his music is brought to light. For more about Earl, visit his website. It is maintained by our friend Marty Jourard

  • The Art Blakey track is from a soundtrack to the French movie Les Laisons Dangereuse. It has been stuck in our head for a couple of years and we hope to stick it in yours.
  • It has been noted that Jim McGuinn of The Byrds wrote “Eight Miles High” after hearing some John Coltrane recordings. Steve Marcus’ version of the song may illustrate the point. That’s Marcus on the soprano saxophone.
  • It is very likely that every GO Mechanism will have a version of one of the greatest melodies of all time, Caravan.” The version we chose is one of our favorites and it is performed by three of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.
  • The Jill Scott/Charles McMahon track comes to us from a flexi disc that was included in a book written by Jill Scott. McMahon plays the didgeridoo.
  • The Hamilton Camp track was discovered on a reel-to-reel tape at a music publisher back in the nineties. Camp was a Bleeker Street folkie. His song, “Pride of Man,” first appeared on his 1964 album Paths of Victory and was notably recorded by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Camp was also a successful character actor for many years. The song played on The GO Mechanism may have never been released.
  • Several years ago, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus—the humble host of The GO Mechanism—listed the Jimmy Valves version of “Incense and Peppermints” in the Boogaloo Blog. In time, it was duly googled by someone claiming to be Mr. Valves’ daughter. She did not have a copy of the record and asked for scans of the labels and mp3s of the tracks. They were sent. As we type, a copy is available on ebay…

  • Sometimes we love “Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida,” sometimes we hate it. Most folks remember the song for its lycergic-induced indulgence but we’ve always liked some of the non-drum solo instrumental parts and one of them is presented here.
  • Regarding the track by The Soul Partners, what’s a “spead?”

• We end the show with a highly significant track by the great Walter Jackson.

And now, the music…

  1. Earl Bostic—Lester Leaps In (King)
  2. Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers—No Problem (Les Liaisons Dangereuses; Philips)
  3. Alvin Cash & the Crawlers—Twine Time (Mar-V-Lus)
  4. Steve Marcus—Eight Miles High (Tomorrow Never Knows; Vortex)
  5. Tito Puente—Dance of the Headhunters (Tambó; RCA Victor)
  6. Duke Ellington, Max Roach, Charles Mingus—Caravan (Money Jungle; Solid State)
  7. Smokey Johnson—It Ain’t My Fault (Nola)
  8. Jill Scott & Charles McMahon—No Record of a Name (Journey Scape; Australia)[edit]
  9. Arnett Cobb—Lonesome Road (Party Time; Prestige)
  10. John Bunch 3—St. Thomas (Lane)
  11. Mr. D & the Highlights—Nose Full of White (Jas)
  12. Lennie Hibbert—Real Hot (Creation; Studio One, Jamaica)
  13. Leonard James & His Orchestra—Slow Down (Boppin’ and A’ Strollin’; Decca)
  14. Buddy Morrow—She Loves You (Epic)
  15. Les Yper Sound—Jericho Jerk (Fontana, France)
  16. Sonny Forrest—Diddy Bop (Atco)
  17. Vivian Reed—Shapes of Things to Come (Epic)
  18. 黛·ジュン—ブラック·ルーム(Capitol, Japan)
  19. Hamilton Camp—It’s a Hard Life and It’s Over Mighty Soon (demo)
  20. Albert Ayler—Ghosts (Vibrations; Arista-Freedom)
  21. Nels Cline—Queen of Angels (The Inkling; Cryptogramophone)[edit]
  22. Earl Bostic—Flamingo (King)
  23. Earl Bostic—Cherokee (King)
  24. Earl Bostic—Up There in Orbit (King)
  25. Hank Marr—Mexican Vodka (Federal)
  26. Herbie Mann–Mushi Mushi (Atlantic)
  27. Charlie Parker Septet–A Night in Tunisia (famous alto break edit; Dial)
  28. The Ventures–Zocko (Batman Theme; Dolton)
  29. Jimmy Valves and the Incredible Jangle Group–Incense and Peppermints (Nocturne)
  30. Ren & Stimpy Theme
  31. Captain Beefheart—Black Snake Moan (Grow Fins; Revenant)
  32. Charanjit Singh—Hey Mujhe Dil De (Instrumental Film Music; Odeon, India)
  33. Iron Butterfly—Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida (Atco)[edit]
  34. Gary Mure—Crack Up (Verve)
  35. Sandy Nelson—Scratchy (Teen Beat ’65; Imperial)
  36. Peaches & Herb—Satisfy My Hunger (Date)
  37. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings—Fish in the Dish (Naturally; Daptone)
  38. Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band—Maharimba (Journey to Bliss; Impulse)
  39. The Soul Partners—Spead (Bell)
  40. Tempo 70—El Galleton (Mericana)
  41. Curtis Mayfield—Freddie’s Dead (Superfly; Curtom)
  42. Walter Jackson—No Butterflies (Epic)
  43. Bonzo Dog Band—Slush (United Artists)

Complete poems recited by the author:

Maya Angelou—Phenomenal Woman

Lucile Clifton—Cruelty

Langston Hughes—Ballad of the Gypsy

That was it. Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to the nice folks at the Luxuria Musics for asking us to do this… especially Miss Lina for her support and Rory for technical assistance. If The GO Mechanism gets archived on the LuxMu website, we will post a link to it here in order for the listener to re-live the experience as often as possible. If another GO Mek is called for, we will post information regarding it here in the Boogaloo Bag. In the meantime, there are several groovy shows at the LuxMu, so you are hereby encouraged to go there and check them out. Dig the scene here!!!

The first GO Mechanism has been archived and is now available here:

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