Do the Funky Brunch, Baby!

DJ Pete Pop swings with his imported Ray Barretto record at the Funky Brunch!

After a long holiday vacation, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus returned to Mama Roux and DJ Pete Pop’s fabulous Funky Brunch on March 6. These Sunday afternoon DJ gigs are a gas for several reasons: 1) Pete Pop plays primo platters. 2) The food is good. 3) The Boog digs playing the Brunch. 4) The food is good.

Yeah, the food! Mama Roux is an elegant eatery with a New Orleans theme, located in the heart of downtown Newburgh, NY. On Sundays, after the Funky Brunch concludes and the front door is locked, the Mama Roux people have a little party. The joint is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so Chef Matty whips up a spread of fine food (stuff that may go bad in two days) for the employees; DJs included. On this occasion the Boogaloo Bag writers sampled some excellent fried chicken, outstanding mashed potatoes, sensational seafood sausages and superb Brussel sprouts.

To say that Pete Pop is back in action would be putting it mildly. He hosts the Funky Brunch every Sunday—with an occasional guest DJ; plus he’s got his Do The 45 shindig at Quinn’s in Beacon up and running again. In fact, the next Do The 45 will have none other than Todd-O-Phonic Todd as guest DJ. It will happen on March 25 and you don’t want to miss that. In the near future, The Boog may be a featured DJ at The 45, too, and we are looking forward to it.

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swings at the Funky Brunch!

Anyway, here’s a list of records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus at The Funky Brunch:

• The Teemates–Nightfall (Audio Fidelity)
• Troy Thompson Band–1-2-3 (Dee Dee)
• Betty Harris–Show It (Sansu)
• Young Jessie–Shuffle in the Gravel (Atco)
• The Chi-Lites—Ain’t You Glad (Winter’s Over) (Blue Rock)
• Brenton Wood–Some Got It, Some Don’t (Belldisc Italiana; Italy)
• The Temptations–Masterpiece (Gordy)
• Eric Donaldson–You Must Believe Me (Dragon; UK)
• Cymande—The Message (Janus)
• Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes—Ain’t That Peculiar (Prestige)
• The Meters–Hand Clapping Song (Josie)
• Dyke and the Blazers–Let a Woman Be a Woman – Let a Man Be a Man (Original Sound)
• Ray Johnson–I Heard It Through the Grapevine (In Arts)
• Sam Wright Group–Green Onions (Peak)
• Hank Mance and the Blues Faculty–Red Beans and Rice (Soul International)
• Irma Thomas—She’s Taken My Part (Cotillion)
• Jessie Hill–Hey Now Mama (Yogi-Man)
• Johnny Adams–Tra-La-La (Ric)
• Marvin & Johnny–Hot Biscuits and Gravy (Felsted)
• Russell Evans and the Nite Hawks–Send Me Some Cornbread (Atco)
• Elijah and the Ebonies–Hot Grits!!! (Capsoul)
• Rufus Thomas–Hot Grits (AVI)
• Johnny Barfield & the Men of S.O.U.L.–Soul Butter (SSS International)
• Barbara Lynn–Let Her Knock Herself Out (Jamie)
• Owen Gray–Groove Me (Camel; UK)
• Odell Brown & the Organ-Izers–Mellow Yellow (Cadet)
• Jane Morgan–Elusive Butterfly (Epic)
• René Touzet and His Orchestra–Ticklish Mambo (Caquillita) (GNP)
• Pablo Beltran Ruiz y su Orquesta–Bang Bang (RCA Victor; Mexico)
• Los Stop–Pata Pata (Belter; Spain)
• Los Javaloyas–Yeh Yeh (La Voz de Su Amo; Spain)
• The Windjammers—It’s Not Unusual (Argo)
• The Thrills–Bring It On Home To Me (Capitol)
• The Wild Magnolias–Iko Iko (Polydor)
• Major Lance–Land of 1000 Dances (Columbia Special Products)
• Warren Lee–Funky Belly (Wand)
• Alton Ellis—It’s Your Thing (Riley Inc/Dub Store.; Japan)
• Gil Scott-Heron–The Bottle (Strata-East; France)
• Dick Hyman at the Organ and Sam (The Man) Taylor on Tenor Sax–Congo Mombo (M-G-M)
• The Hawketts–Mardi Gras Mambo (Sapphire)
• Bobby Taylor–Mashed Potatoe Time (Club Long Island)
• King Coleman–The Mash Potato Man (Togo)
• Lou Donaldson–Soul Gumbo (Argo)
• Amanda Ambrose–This Door Swings Both Ways (Dunwich)
• Little Brenda Starr–A Dancing Good Time (Vegas)
• Spanky Wilson–Shake Your Head (Eastbound)
• The Temptations—You’ve Got My Soul on Fire (Gordy)
• The Pazant Brothers–Toe Jam (RCA Victor)
• The Corner Boys–Gang War (Don’t Make No Sense) (Neptune)
• Everyday People–I Like What I Like Part 2 (Paramount)
• The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds–Superfly (Buddah)
• Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds–The Yolk (Chess)
• Mr. Jim and the Rhythm Machine–(Do The) Hot Pants (Wizdom)
• Phil Upchurch—Darkness, Darkness (Part 1) (Blue Thumb)
None of these records are for sale.

A list of the records played by DJ Pete Pop can be found here!!

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