Wham-O! Wham-O! Wham-O! Wham-O!


Your WHAM-O WATUSI crew: Durian Sound, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Drew Redmond.

On Saturday May 7, the WHAM-O WATUSI continued it’s run at the Bootleg Bar (this was the tenth WHAM-O!) and also continued an international theme—sort of. Guest DJs were the inimitable Drew Redman, who isn’t really international but can be counted on to play some super boss tracks, and the mysterious Durian Sound. Host DJ Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was very happy to have been able to gather these two into the Bootleg Bar for the WHAM-O.


Drew Redmond swings at WHAM-O WATUSI!

Drew Redmond is from Carthage, New York, a town that may as well be on the other side of the planet. Probably the only reason to go there would be to gas your car if you were to drive to Ottawa. However, Mr. Redmond grew up to be a righteous dude with some very boss records; thus he has become one of the most popular DJs on the reet music scene. He dropped by the WHAM early and swung with a set of his groovy tunes, then went off to judge the dance competition at the nearby New York Night Train Soul Clap event. He then popped back into the Bootleg Bar in time to play another set around the end of the evening. It’s always a gas to dig Mr. Redmond when he works the turntables. He has a knack for rockin’ R&B and primitive rock’n’roll records that must be heard to be believed.

The international portion of the WHAM-O program was ably taken care of by DJ Durian Sound. As record dealer Menda, he has sold a number of weird records to The Boog over the years. The recent WFMU Record Fair was no exception. Durian Sound is a world traveler who spends quite a deal of time in East Asia. Indeed, he played a number of rockin’ records from the region, and around the world, mixed in with some cool R&B and even gospel records. With Durian Sound in the DJ booth, it was as if the Bootleg Bar had turned into an exciting, international discothèque! A gallery of some of the records he played can be seen here:

45_Apples 45_Buzzard 45_Chinese 45_Guven 45_Irama 45_Panix 45_Peerless 45_Psalms 45_Rhythm 45_USSR_Beatles 45_WardSingers

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus also played a few international releases. There were some gals from Spain in attendance, so a slew of Spanish language records were played in a row. Also played were records from Turkey, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Calypso, reggae and Afro Beat sounds were all represented. Here’s a list of all the records played by The Boog:


None of these records are for sale.


Out of Sight V!

Moses Funk swings at Out of Sight!

Moses Funk swings at Out of Sight!

On September 17, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus returned to the Beauty Bar in Manhattan to swing at Out of Sight—the goovy soul dance party hosted by our pal DJ Xerox every Thursday night. This time his co-guest DJ was Moses Funk.

Mr. Funk is from Boston, where he hosted two fabulous dance nights: Cheap Thrills a’ Go-Go—a montly sex-a-dellic Go-Go party that the Boog once guest DJed at—and the Mambo Beat Club—a bi-weekly soul music event. He now lives in Brooklyn where a few years ago he started the Brooklyn Soul Club, which is currently on hiatus while Moses Funk develops some sort of scientific turntablist project. For Out of Sight, Moses Funk came armed with a box of old soul 45s and he played the hell out of them, too!!

Here’s a list of all the songs played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus:

  • Pieces of Eight–Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (A&M)
  • Hank Jacobs–Monkey Hips & Rice (Sue)
  • The Cooperettes–Don’t Trust Him (Brunswick)
  • Naomi Davis Shelton & the Knights of Forty First Street–Forty First Street Breakdowne (Desco/Daptone)
  • Martha Reeves & the Vandellas–I Gotta Let You Go (Gordy)
  • Joe and George–You’re Gonna Miss Me (Now)
  • The Passions–Hi Jacked Part I (Tower)
  • The Sweethearts–This Couldn’t Be Me (Kent)
  • Bobby Wilson–Feels Good (Volt)
  • Gene Chandler–I Can’t Save It (Constellation)
  • Rose Batiste–That’s What He Told Me (Golden World)
  • The Glories–No News (Date)
  • Herbie Mann (vocals by Little Milton, Swee-Tea and Percy)–It’s a Funky Thing – Right On (Part 2) (Memphis Underground) (Atlantic)
  • John Roberts–Sockin’ 1-2-3-4 (Duke)
  • Johnny Tolbert–Check Your Battery Part I (Jasman)
  • Jerry Washington–Set Your Soul on Fire (Excello)
  • The Exception–You Don’t Know Like I Know (Capitol)
  • Buddy Miles Express–Memphis Train (Mercury)
  • Lorraine Ellison–Call Me Anytime You Need Some Lovin’ (Mercury)
  • Smokey Robinson & I Miracles–Non Sono Quello Che Tu Vuoi (Tamla/Motown; Italy)
  • Pat Lewis–Can’t Shake It Loose (Golden World)
  • Roy Head–I Want Some Action (Mercury)
  • Charles Bradley & Larose Jackson–Luv Jones (Dunham)
  • Aretha Franklin–Pullin’ (Atlantic)
  • Judy White–Somebody Been Messin’ (T-Neck)
  • Frankie Newsome–My Lucky Day – Part I (GWP)
  • James Brown–I Love You (King)
  • The Hot Tamales–Out of Sight (Diamond)
  • Gary (U.S.) Bonds–Copy Cat (Legrand)
  • George Jackson–Tossin’ and Turnin’ (Mercury)
  • Paul Peek–Rockin’ Pnewumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu (Columbia)
  • Maurice Simon and the Pie Men–The Git-Go (Carnival)
  • Jimmy McQuade and the Unique Echos–Bongo Talk (Swan)
  • Gladys Knight & the Pips–Cloud Nine (Soul)
  • The Delights Orchestra–Do Your Thing (Atco)
  • King Solomon–The Moon Walk (Highland)
  • Tommy Strand & the Upper Hand–The Trik (R)
  • J. Hines and the Boys–Funky Funk (Part 1) (Nation-Wide)
  • ‘Wee’ Willie Walker–Ticket to Ride (Goldwax)
  • Cresa Watson–These Boots Are Made for Walking (Charay)
  • The 5th Dimension–Sunshine of Your Love (Liberty; Germany)
  • The Magnificent Men–Almost Persuaded (Capitol)
  • Wilson Pickett–Funk Factory (Atlantic)
  • H.B. Barnum–Blessed Mother (Cozy)
  • Otis Redding–Look at the Girl (Atco)
  • Lester Young–Barefootin Time in Chinatown (Barry)
  • Wallace Brothers–Airborne Shuffle (Jewel)
  • Andre Franklin with the Preston Epps Trio, Jim Ashford – drums–Say Yeah!! (Polo)
  • The Counts–Chitlins, Etc. (Panorama)
  • Howard Peters–Tighten Up the Slack (Coral)
  • Mason & Dixon–Soul Power (Buttercup)
  • Vigon–Baby Your Time Is My Time (Egg; France)
  • Jerry-O–Scratch My Back (Boo-Ga-Loo)
  • Chuck Jackson–Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (Wand)
  • Toussaint McCall–I’m Gonna Make Me a Woman (Ronn)

None of these records are for sale.

SUBWAY SOUL CLUB in Times Square!

Mr. Fine Wine cues a record as Smokey Robinson and the MIracles do "Mickey's Monkey" behind him!

Mr. Fine Wine cues a record as Smokey Robinson and the MIracles do “Mickey’s Monkey” behind him!

Exactly one week less than a whole year after its last event, Subway Soul Club returned to action on May 9 at a new location and with two incredible guest DJs, but with the same exciting groove,  Lady Dawn at the helm, and with the extra-added production help from our good friends at Cavestomp!

Lady Dawn is all sparkly and swingin' at Subway Soul Club!

Lady Dawn is all sparkly and swingin’ at Subway Soul Club!

The location was Lucille’s Super Club, a groovy joint that is adjacent to, or actually inside, B.B. King’s Blues Club on 42nd Street in Times Square. The venue has an ample dance floor that was full of dancers nearly all night long. The place serves excellent southern style soul food and, with a photo of the great B.B. King overlooking the bar, you know the place was perfect for a Subway Soul Club dance party.

Guest DJs were Mr. Fine Wine and Mikey Post. Mr. Fine Wine is highly regarded by the Boogaloo Bag writers. His presence on the sixties soul music scene is strongly felt in this town, with his radio show Downtown Soulville every Friday on WFMU and his Wednesday night shindigs at Botanica—both of which have been taking place for more than fifteen years. These days you can find him on the third Friday of the month at the Commodore on his Thee Knights of the Round Tables gig and also the third Saturday of the month at Friends and Lovers, a cool joint in Crown Heights. He also DJs around the country and around the world. Cat is busy and wherever he is playing records, you know the place is going to swing!

Dance action at Subway Soul Club!

Dance action at Subway Soul Club!

Mikey Post is another busy cat: He is known as “The Custodian of Soul” at Daptone Records, where he works, and he is also the drummer for two great teen combos, The Reigning Sound and The Jay Vons (and he may still drum with Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens). He is also one of  “Thee Knights of the Round Tables” at the Commodore (along with Mr. Fine Wine and DJ Young Chris). Lady Dawn recently witnessed one of Mr. Post‘s DJ sets somewhere and insisted that he be one of the guest DJs at this Subway Soul Club. Cat has great records, and man, he can play them!

Subway Soul Club’s resident DJ Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus also brought a couple good records to the party. However, he was saddened when he realized that the Subway Soul Club event would take place on the same night that Dig Deeper was to take place in Brooklyn. Dig Deeper, as the Boogaloo Bag reader knows, is the live music night that features a great obscure soul (or sometimes ska) entertainer—usually peforming for the first time in decades—and the superb record playing of its two hosts, Mr. Robinson and DJ Honky. On May 9, the Dig Deeper featured performer was ska/rock steady singer Derrick Morgan, so there wasn’t a major conflict. However, the Dig Deepers announced that it will be their last event for a while and the Boogaloo Bag writers were sorry that they could not be there to show support for their most excellent series of shows. In a perfect world, the Dig Deeper folks would be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the fine work they have done—and hopefully will do again.

Meanwhile, back at Lucille’s, Subway Soul Club swung like an old Count Basie 78! Folks were dressed up and ready for a night in the big city, dancing and drinking and carrying on. Except for some confusion dealing with the cover charge, the night was a major success. Lady Dawn danced around in a shiny, black Go-Go dress and greeted about two dozen British citizens who were in town on business or vacation. She and Phast Phreddie were also very happy to see so many familiar faces—people who have attended Subway Soul Club since its earliest days. Knowing that folks feel so strongly about Subway Soul Club, that they even come to the event when they take place once a year… well it puts a great big smile on the face! Negotiations with Lucille’s are taking place so another event may take place sooner, rather than later.

Also, many of the attendees asked that all three DJs submit a set list (or reasonable facsimile thereof) and the two guest DJs graciously complied. The Boogaloo Blog is very proud to host these set lists.

Here is a list of the records played by Mikey Post. The first section is his opening set. The others are records that he played, perhaps not in order:

Mikey Post swings at Subway Soul Club!

Mikey Post swings at Subway Soul Club!

1st Set:


Mr. Fine Wine tells us that his list may also not be in order. Note that he actually played a song by B.B. King!

Mr. Fine Wine swings at Subway Soul Club.

Mr. Fine Wine swings at Subway Soul Club.

Last, and very likely least, here’s the list of records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus at Subway Soul Club:

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swings at Subway Soul Club!

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swings at Subway Soul Club!

It is very doubtful that any of these records are for sale! Click on the photos and they will electronically big-o-fi! Roll your curser over song titles and click on links to actually hear some of the records!


Less than a week after the Subway Soul Club event took place, B.B. King passed away, so it is with a heavy heart that the Boogaloo Bag writers work on this post. We strongly suggest you check out this outstanding article about the great bluesman that appeared in the UK newspaper The Guardian a couple years ago:


Thanks to our pal Sid Griffin for the tip on the Guardian article.