Rip! Rig! Panic! Rain!

The elegantly appointed Robert Bar features a trio of lava lamps next to the turntables in order to remind the DJs to play groovy music.

The elegantly appointed Robert Bar features a trio of lava lamps next to the turntables in order to remind the DJs to play groovy music.

A few months ago, when Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus received a call from Nogood Nick asking him to DJ at the Robert Bar on April 29—another Rip Rig PanicThe Boog jumped at the opportunity. After all, The Boog had nothing going on DJ-wise that weekend; The Boog digs swingin’ with Nogood Nick at the Rip Rig Panic; and The Boog digs the elegant Robert Bar (where the DJ booth has a rubber mat to keep the DJ’s feet from getting sore!); plus, with spring having been sprung, the chances are good that the weather will be nice enough for The Boog to ride his bicycle to the club—it’s that close to Boogaloo Omnibus Productions Worldwide Headquarters.

Ah! But if only life were that easy and uncomplicated! As it turned out, that Friday April 29 was the first day of the three-day WFMU Record Fair. That in itself wouldn’t be a big enough reason to upset plans, however, The Boog had bought a table to sell records on the Saturday and must be at the site around the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM in order to set up. Once Mr. Nick was informed, he suggested The Boog play an early set, and he’ll get another DJ to work late.

That day, The Boog spent a good portion of the afternoon and early evening at the Record Fair, buying a few records. When it was time to go to the Robert Bar, it was raining. No way does The Boog bike in the rain—the brakes won’t work, and the water on his glasses will prevent him from seeing very well. So it was the F Train that took The Boog and his box of records to the gig. Unfortunately, once out on the street, The Boog walked four blocks before he realized he was heading in the wrong direction. In the rain.

When a wet and irritated Boog finally arrived at the Robert Bar, Nogood Nick had the place swingin’ with his groovy sounds. The club was full of people. Our pal Lady Dawn was in attendance and holding court in the corner with about a half-dozen of her friends. What could have been a disaster ended up being a fun night. Mr. Nick played a few more jams, as The Boog prepared his records and ordered a drink. Robert Bar has a selection of fine, artisanal beverages, one of which is called The Fez. This sweet yet sour concoction, which The Boog imbibes in its non-alcoholic configuration, is most excellent and highly recommended. The Robert Bar is the perfect place for Rip Rig Panic. It’s retro-modernist atmosphere blends perfectly with the equally tasteful records that Nogood Nick tends to play.

The Boog provided an audio aura for about an hour and a half featuring recordings that may be described as jazzoid, funkified and/or soulish. Roped in to assist with DJ operations once The Boog had left the building was a British fellow named Patrick Syms. Unfortunately, the Boogaloo Bag writers were unable to stick around for his set(s), but Nogood Nick assures us that he played some excellent rare groove jams and that the evening continued in a most pleasing manner.

Hopefully, the next time time Noogood Nick invites The Boog to swing at a Rip Rig Panic that things will go much smoother for him. Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus:


None of these records are for sale.

P.S.: The next day, The Boog woke up at 0-dark-hundred in order to sell his records. He also bought a few. Many of his finds will be played at future Wang Dang Doodle events; of this, you can be assured.

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