Swingin’ with Nogood Nick!

Nogood Nick and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the WHAM-O WATUSI!

On Saturday November 18, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was back at the Bootleg Bar, the WHAM-O WATUSI, and splitting the gig with one of his favorite DJs. This was an irregular night for the WHAM-O because host Phast Phreddie spent the first Saturday of the month (the usual WHAM-O night) in Lancaster at the Keystone State Soul Weekender. Guest DJ was Nogood Nick. He still has a night at Otto’s Shrunken HeadRip! Rig! Panic!–and it is a cool night, but it is irregular, happening sporadically and one must be in tune with the scene in order to know when it is happening. As the long-time Boogaloo Bag reader may attest, Nogood Nick was often featured at the late, lamented DYNAGROOVE action night from a few years ago. He’s got some very cool records and, boy, does he know how to play them! It’s always a delight to share the turntables with this fellow and this night was no exception. It may have been raining outside, but in the warm confines of the Bootleg Bar, it was a gas.

Nogood Nick cues up another boss sound at the WHAM-O WATUSI!

The evening was further enhanced by the addition of pumpkin spice cookies, courtesy of the Boogaloo Bag photographer Nancy “Jeannie” Gardner. Folks ate them up, that’s for sure. She has been in the habit of baking something delicious for many of the DJ nights that The Boog hosts, so make sure you come down to taste them. They are yummy!

Yummy pumpkin spice cookies!

Here’s a list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus at the WHAM-O WATUSI on November 18, 2017:

None of these records are for sale. Many of them have links to the youtubes clips. Click on them and dig for yourself.

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